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P11 Concentrated Heating System Cleaner

P11 Concentrated Heating System Cleaner
P11 Concentrated Heating System Cleaner

P11 Concentrated Heating System Cleaner

Treats 10 radiators

P11 System Cleanser will remove commissioning and flux residue from new systems and restore circulation to old systems which suffer from sludge

P11 System Cleanser should also be used when components are replaced or existing systems are extended

This product is compatible with plastic tanks, micro bore and all metals (including aluminium) used in central heating systems. It is very economical as 1 litre will treat a 100 litre system capacity in new and existing central heating systems or extensions to existing systems


Use P11 system cleanser in accordance with BS7593:1996
Locate a convenient radiator with an accessible bleed screw
Close both valves
Remove the bleed screw using a radiator key. (have a cloth handy to absorb spillage)
Cut the tip of the cartridge taking care not to damage the thread.
Attach the injector nozzle and place in a standard sealant applicator gun
Open one radiator valve and inject the entire contents of one tube
Close the radiator valve, remove the injector nozzle and replace the bleed screw
Return valves to the original position
Bleed radiator to remove any trapped air

Circulate under normal operation for :
Fast Cleanse (New components) 2 Hours (HOT)
New System 2 Weeks
Previously treated 3 weeks
Old system 4 weeks
Drain down and refill, adding Inhibitor for ongoing protection

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