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Professional SDS Plus Hammer Bit 7.0 x 160

Professional SDS Plus Hammer Bit 7.0 x 160
Professional SDS Plus Hammer Bit 7.0 x 160

A high performance drill bit with a superior European carbide tip to give extended durability. German tested and PGM approved to ensure the bits drill with dimensional precision and performance when used in concrete and masonry. USER CAUTION: Rebar drilling will result in reduced tool life. All chisel tip SDS drills can shear if the tip snags the reinforcing whilst passing alongside.

• Special nickel chromoly shank

• High quality European BC20 Tungsten Carbide tip

• Cold formed blanks utilised up to 11mm diameter

• Fully heat treated to eliminate bending

• Twin flute design for increased drilling performance

• Shot-peened for increased strength and durability

Size (mm) 7.0 x 160

Drill Ø (mm) 7

Working L (mm) 95

Total L (mm) 160

Shank Ø (mm) 10

Pack Type Clip

Pack Qty 1

Shank Type SDS Plus

Drill Tip Tungsten Carbide

Substrates Concrete, Brick, Block, Stone

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