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LED Light Up Tree 300cm Cool White with Black Cable

LED Light Up Tree 300cm Cool White with Black Cable
LED Light Up Tree 300cm Cool White with Black Cable

Add some sparkle to your garden.

This Light Up LED Outdoor Christmas Tree is 3m in height, making it a great addition to any front lawn, back garden  creating a magical Christmas display.

Looks stunning while also easy-to-assemble.

The frame is fully weatherproof and comes with 6 pegs and a garden spike allowing you to securely attach to the ground with ease.

There is also an 8m lead cable which allows you to reach your nearest plug socket, we recommend a suitably covered outdoor socket or, preferably, an indoor socket.

This light up tree has a brilliant 8 function memory controller which allows you to choose from one of the 8 multi-function options and it will remember this option should you turn the tree off and then on again.

Additionally, there is an 8 hours on 16 hours off timer function which allows the tree to switch on and off at the same time every day which is very energy efficient and practical as you don't have to remember to turn the lights off before going to bed.


4 Parts - 6 Pegs Included 

Widest Dia 1.84m 

Black Metal Frame - with Garden Spike

CE - Non Replaceable Bulb

Distance Between Bulbs: 5cm


Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use

IP Class: IP-44

Lead Cable Length: 8m

Timer: 8hr

Functions: 8 Function Twinkle Effect

LED Colour: Cool White 

LED Size: 5mm

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