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Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch

Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch
Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch
Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch
Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch
Automatic Hand Dryer No Touch

What makes this such a popular hand dryer with our customers? Three things: robust (but stylish) design, reliability and consistently high performance. Looks matter. So this is a hardwearing hand dryer that’ll keep its looks, thanks to a spic-and-span Stainless Steel casing.

Reliable? This is the industry workhorse. The one you can rely on month after month after month.

High performance? This is one of the most powerful dryers in its price bracket. It dries hands in 12 seconds flat, and at just 72 dB still keeps things nice and quiet. It’s the perfect choice for high traffic washrooms, including restaurants, schools, nightclubs, bars, airports, service stations, hotels, offices, hospitals, gyms and shopping centres. 

Heavy duty Brushed Stainless Steel casing gives exceptional protection against corrosion and vandalism

Automatic 'no touch' operation makes this the hygienic choice

The powerful 2,300W motor, wide mouthed nozzle and sturdy heating element provides a wide tunnel of fast moving warm air to dry hands in just 12 seconds

Auto cut-off prevents unnecessary energy wastage

Powerful but quiet compared with other driers in its class – just 70dB

• Shell Material: 304 Stainless Steel

• Standard finishes: Brushed Metal, Chrome

• Rated voltage: AC 220-240V

• Rated frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

• Rated power: 2,300W

• Installation: wall mounted

• Drying time: 12 Seconds

• Air speed: 30 M/s

• Noise output: 70dB

• Operation: infrared automatic ‘no touch’

• Timing protection: 60 seconds auto cut off

• Thermal protection: cut off above 70C

• Drip Proof: IPX1

• Unit dimensions: 267mm W x 235mm H x 210mm D

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