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Brand: Knockout Model: 300457
Strong multi-purpose cleaner and laundry aid. Cleans and degreases tiles, work surfaces, stoves, windows, glassware and silver. Wax stripper for removing polish from floors...
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Brand: Knockout Model: 377326
Knockout drains, toilets and urinals special formulation is ready to use, and will break down the fats, grease and hair that commonly cause blockages or slow running wastes, leaving waste pipes clean and sanitised.Drains, Toilet & Urinals (DTU) is a caustic/sodium hydroxide based product designe..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Brand: Knockout Model: 300454
A sodium hydroxide solution specially designed to clear fat, grease and hair in kitchen sinks, baths and shower waste fittings / pipeworkWhere kitchen waste disposal units are fitted or connection to a septic tank, use Knockout®Biological Drain Treatment..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Brand: Knockout Model: 300458
Heavy duty product for descaling and unblocking toilets and pipes Widely used by builders for removing excess cement from bricks and cleaning up concrete and masonryUsed by plumbers for un-blocking heat exchangers (must be diluted)..
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Brand: Knockout Model: 300456
*For trade and professional use only.*Sulphuric acid based product (with inhibitor) specially designed to rapidly clear blockages in outside drains, pipes and toilets only. (Industrial strength for trade and professional use, wearprotective clothing)Not recommended for use with septic tanksSize: 1 L..
Ex Tax:£6.25
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