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Brand: Everbuild Model: EVCRYL5GY
Evercryl is a resin based, fibre reinforced roof repair compound which is effective on all common roofing surfaces, giving instant roof repairs even in the wet and on wet surfaces. May also be applied in frosty conditions down to -5°C. Evercryl is instantly waterproof when applied, there is no fear ..
Ex Tax:£33.33
Brand: Everbuild Model: Feb Brickclean
Feb Brickclean is a fast acting acid-based cleaner and degreasing solution which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, paving slabs and earthenware.Covers up to 10m² per litre, dependent upon porosity or contamination o..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Everbuild Model: JETMIX6
Jetcem Deep Rapid Repair Sand & Cement is a premixed sand/cement based product which is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes. Ideal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is needed. Sets in the cold and wet.Strong and easy to use rapid setting repair compound.Internal and exter..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: Everbuild Model: JETPATCH6
Jetcem Patching Plaster is a high strength plaster in powder form which easily mixes with water to form a creamy lump free paste that is the ideal choice for most patching repairs. The product dries hard in 1 hour to a smooth finish which can be further sanded if desired. With added PVA powder, this..
Ex Tax:£9.16
Brand: Everbuild Model: JETCEM6
Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement is a cement-based product that is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes. Rapid setting time – 30 minutesIdeal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is neededSets in the cold and wetEasy mixing, just add waterFills up to 25mm in one application (for d..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: Everbuild Model: 2ANTBK5
Durable silicone grit surface with instant high quality adhesiveCan be applied to most interior and exterior surfaces such as steps and passageways where anti-slip protection is desiredUse outside or inside50mm x 50 Metres..
Ex Tax:£3.33
Brand: Everbuild Model: 2STRAP
Strapping Tape is a clear tape with bi-directional strength, ideal for strapping and bundling any type of material, including Wood, PVC and MetalThe bi-directional strength prevents heavy bundles from snapping the tape, tackling some of the toughest holding problemsWith an aggressive adhesive for ex..
Ex Tax:£2.92
Brand: Everbuild Model: P11CLEANC3
P11 Concentrated Heating System CleanerTreats 10 radiatorsP11 System Cleanser will remove commissioning and flux residue from new systems and restore circulation to old systems which suffer from sludgeP11 System Cleanser should also be used when components are replaced or existing systems are extend..
Ex Tax:£7.50
Brand: Everbuild Model: P19
P19 SUPER CONCENTRATE SILICONE SPRAY is a multi -purpose dry lubricant, ideal for use in the plumbing industry.It is ideal for use in easing the installation of all types of plastic joints and threads, inserting rubber gaskets and O rings and has many uses around the home, garage, workshop and indus..
Ex Tax:£2.50
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