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Brand: Masterplug Model: 326994
Masterplug Weatherproof IP54 enclosure supplied with 4 socket 10 metre extension leadWEATHERPROOF AND ROBUST OUTDOOR ELECTRIC BOXFrom Masterplug at Luceco, has an IP54 weather and dust proof rating, enabling you a safe outdoor power supply FOR GARDENING, DIY TASKS OR ENTERTAINING OUTDOORS: You ..
Ex Tax:£16.67
Brand: Masterplug Model: BOG10O
Cable length: 10mOrange cableSingle socketIdeal for outdoor power toolsHeavy dutySafety shuttered socket..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: Masterplug Model: OMU2513FL3IP-PX
Masterplug Pro-XT A reverse cable reel where the socket is pulled away to the point of use providing versatility and power where you need itEasy wind handleTwo-tone, ergonomic carry handleBuilt-in cable guideCompatible with wall mount bracketIP rated weatherproof socket..
Ex Tax:£31.88
Brand: Masterplug Model: OATRU3013FL3IP-PX
Masterplug Pro-XT Innovative reverse reel with pull out socket and anti-twist design that keeps cables from getting tangledFold-out speed wind handleSupplied with wall mount bracketIP rated weatherproof socket IP54IP rated socket ideal for use with pressure washers and in damp conditions..
Ex Tax:£58.33
Brand: Masterplug Model: WLU05134SL-PX
Masterplug Pro-XT The Masterplug Work Light Cable Reel provides both light and power for home and heavy-duty applicationsThe handy work light provides 550 lumens of light. Its 4 shuttered sockets feature power control and a status indicatorDesigned and engineered for longevity, a fold-out stand..
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Brand: Masterplug Model: OATFU30134SL-PX
Masterplug Pro-XT ERGONOMIC HANDLE GRIP - a two-tone superior handle grip, for comfort and longevityFOLD-OUT SPEED WIND HANDLE - quickly wind in the cable and the end of each useLOCALISED POWER SWITCH - control the power where you are workingTHIRTY METRES OF CABLE - to extend the reach of the s..
Ex Tax:£43.75
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