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Brand: British Gypsum Model: Thistle Multi Finish Plaster
A versatile finish plaster for use on common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard. Thistle MultiFinish is the most popular universal skim finish plaster for common backgrounds; it can be used as part of a two-coat plaster system or on plasterboard.Its flexibility also makes it a..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: British Gypsum Model: British Gypsum Board Finish
An ideal finishing coat plaster for low-medium suction backgrounds such as plasterboard.Size: 25 kgMaterial: Gypsum PlasterColour: PinkTime to Set: 1.5 hrsUsage: InteriorCoverage: 10m² at 2 mm thicknessLife span: 4 mthsCertifications Met: EN 13279-1-Type B1/20..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: British Gypsum Model: Thistle Bonding Coat
A versatile undercoat plaster that can be used on a variety of backgroundsThistle Bonding Coat is an ideal base coat plaster for smooth or low suction backgrounds such as tiling, concrete, plasterboard The fine mix allows for improved workability, making it easier to spread, rule and darbySize:..
Ex Tax:£8.99
Brand: British Gypsum Model: Gyproc DriWall adhesive
Gyproc dri-wall adhesive is a quality general purpose adhesive providing increased strength & safety in wall and ceiling applications without leaving weak points. An ideal choice for fixing plasterboard Evens out background irregularities – ideal for levelling uneven walls90 minutes working..
Ex Tax:£7.49
Model: Handiboard Plasterboard 4x3
Smaller and lighter than standard plasterboards – easier to handle, transport and installCompatible with 16” and 24” joists - ideal for ceiling construction and repairScore and snap to cleanly cut – leaves neat edges and straight linesThickness 9.5mm..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Brand: Make Good Model: Make Good Bonding
A high-quality, gypsum based material for filling, patching and chasing in large and small areas of walls, ceiling and any other surface that needs ‘making good’.It has minimal shrinkage and no slumping. It’s perfect for all of your bonding needsAvailable in sizes: 25KG..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Brand: Make Good Model: MakeGood Multifinish
Designed for use on a wide range of backgrounds from low suction (plaster–board) to medium-high suction (gypsum or cement-based undercoat plasters).Also suitable for use on dry undercoats (dampen background first) and damp undercoats. Providing a smooth, flat and high quality finish Make Good Multi ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Brand: British Gypsum Model: One Coat Plaster 7.5kg
Ideal for smaller patching repairs or filling chases. Combined undercoat and finishing plaster in one. Use on brick, block, plaster and plasterboard. Build up in 13mm layers. Covers 0.7m²...
Ex Tax:£7.80
Model: Plasterboards Standard SE 6x3
For quick installation of walls, partitions and ceilings, benefiting the DIYer and professional alike.Plasterboard can be easily fixed to timber,metal partitions and to various brick/masonry using a drywall adhesiveThickness 12.5mm..
Ex Tax:£4.75
Brand: Make Good Model: Plasterboards Standard TE 8x4
Tapered Edge PlasterboardsFor quick installation of walls, partitions and ceilings, benefiting the DIYer and professional alike.Plasterboard can be easily fixed to partitions and various surfaces using a drywall adhesiveThickness 12.5mm..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Brand: Rightfinish Model: Rightfinish Skimcoat Plaster 25Kg
SKIMCOAT is a gypsum-based thin plaster which can be applied on wide range of surfaces.It is a multipurpose plaster for gypsum and cement based undercoat plasters, masonry and plasterboards.The long workability time enables an easy application with a low waste rate.SKIMCOAT can be applied easily. Co..
Ex Tax:£5.50
Brand: British Gypsum Model: Thistle Finishing Plaster 7.5kg
Thistle Finishing Plaster is a finish coat that can be applied to many different internal backgrounds including Thistle Undercoat Plaster, plasterboard and sand and cement renders.Use it to create smooth surfaces ready for decorating and for repairing damaged plaster and plasterboard...
Ex Tax:£6.50
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